Carabiner Keychain

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: A carabiner keychain with metal studs and a circular ring, crafted through jewelry upcycling, photographed on a white background. @ Reblack Shop

The Carabiner keychain is just so practical. They look amazing because of the geometric design, so its also timeless. The studs give it the right elegant [ more...]

Dragon Carabiner

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: A close-up image of an eco-friendly Dragon Carabiner with red gem eyes, set against a plain white background. @ Reblack Shop

These really mesmerising Dragons are super practical. They look Wonderfull on your bag, belt or jeans. Made of Brass, these beautiful Dragon Carabiner, are a beautiful [ more...]

Bat Keychain Small

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: A bat-shaped key holder mounted on a wall with a recycled jewellery design beside it. A set of keys hangs from the holder. @ Reblack Shop

These beautiful jewelry pieces do not only look pritty, but is sustainable and eco friendly.   Speciality : They are carefully hand made with love and [ more...]