Handmade recycled Jewellery: Ethical Answer to sustainable Lifestyle

Handmade Recycled Jewellery

Increasingly, individuals ponder the origins of the precious metals in their jewellery, the silver jewellery around their neck, or the manner in which gemstones and diamonds are mined. 

A ring, an earring, a bracelet or a necklace are often more than just jewellery. It is a memory, has a meaning, a gift from our loved ones, emotions are attached to it. But what if the raw materials for this jewellery come at too high a price? 

A price of environmental destruction, the toll paid by the miners, the long-term consequences of the huge CO2 footprint. 

The ethical Customer should know:

Of all the gold on our planet, 55 percent is crafted into jewellery, highlighting the need for recycled and reclaimed sources. 
- In industrial mining, 150 tonnes of cyanide are used to extract one tonne - just a few millilitres of which are lethal to humans. 
- Small-scale miners use mercury to separate gold from other substances - the vapours are highly toxic. 
The contamination of gold mining areas and groundwater with cyanide and mercury necessitates a pivot to recycled and reclaimed materials. 
- For 0.24 grams of gold, 1000 kilos of hazardous waste and overburden are produced. 
- A single gold ring produces 20 tonnes of toxic waste.
- Workers, children and communities are exploited. 
- One million diamond miners in Africa earn less than a dollar a day. 
The commonplace issue of jewellery production involving forced and child labor calls for urgent attention to recycled and reclaimed materials. 

Sustainability is becoming crucial in the fashion and jewellery sectors, advocating for recycled and reclaimed practices. Malini from ReBlack, for example, only produces jewellery made from recycled materials that will fit sustainably into your jewellery collection. 

What is sustainable or fair jewellery?

Sustainable or fair jewellery is made from materials whose extraction and production is demonstrably environmentally friendly and ethically acceptable. This starts with the mining of the gemstones and precious metals. Sustainable jewellery labels pay attention to fair working conditions. But in order to save as many resources as possible, Malini from Reblack Shop prefers to use recycled materials for production: the basis of her work are rubber tyres from motorbikes and bicycles.

Malini is a passionate motorbike rider, and this personal relationship gave her the idea. Instead of being thrown away, the tyres end up in her jewellery workshop. Fun fact: Her supplier is a shop for bike repairs. 

Malini beautifully transforms old tyres into elegant jewellery, she even will personalize your favourite handmade piece of jewelry. 

Why is sustainable jewellery so important?

Reduce the environmental impact! Using recycled precious metals! Recycled jewellery can be made from industrial waste if precious metals such as gold or silver or materials such as brass have been used. In refineries, the materials are separated from each other in a chemical process so that only pure raw materials are left. These are melted down and made reusable. 

The eco-friendly result: 

- Primary gold causes a CO2 footprint of 30,000 kilos, recycled gold only 50 kilos! It is worthwhile for the environment and also for your wallet to choose jewellery made from recycled materials.

In contrast to gold, silver is often obtained as a by-product from the mining of other metals. As a result, significantly more silver is mined than gold. However, there are also pure silver mines where the social and environmental impact is just as problematic as gold mining. Although silver has a much better environmental footprint than gold, recycling also saves a lot of CO2. 

Precious metals are simply always very energy-intensive to mine. If you want to avoid gold completely because of the social and ecological problems, brass is a good alternative. Brass is found in larger quantities, is easier to mine and is therefore more sustainable. The material is also recyclable, has a shimmering gold colour when polished - and is significantly cheaper.

Handcraft on Reblack Shop by Malini:

Recycled jewellery, gothic and fetish jewellery made from recycled precious metals, gold silver brass, responsibly produced, also personalised - handmade for you.

All this is available in the sustainable jewellery shop at Reblack Shop! We combine imaginative design with ecological and social production and a lot of passion. You even get sustainable a jewelry box in delicate vintage style in our shop.

For more and more brands, sustainability is a buzzword; for us, it is the maxim that guides everything we do. Sustainable materials, fair production, an environmentally friendly value chain. Our sustainable pieces of jewellery are not only beautiful, they also contain genuine passion and are completely free from cruelty to animals. Admittedly, it is not always easy for customers to recognise where genuine sustainability gives way to pure marketing talk. That's why we focus on absolute transparency. 

Recycled metal

Considering solid gold, gold and silver, recycled sterling silver, pearls, or a boho pendant for your collection? There are many building blocks on the way to a sustainable piece of jewellery that lead to the best ecological and social result. The choice of materials is particularly important to me. Unlike many labels, we use recycled materials throughout. Because there is already enough of this finite raw material in the world.

Ethical Jewellery: I produce our shiny one-off pieces with a lot of love and absolute expertise in my Berlin workshop - in a minimal and fair way, which is reflected in the high quality of the workmanship of the accessories. Of course, I also pay attention to sustainability when selecting my partners. The manufacturers all work ecologically and therefore stand for ethical, social and environmentally friendly production. When transporting the sustainable jewellery, attention is paid to climate neutrality. You can easily buy each individual piece in our online jewellery shop!

Fine jewellery: A sustainable jewellery selection

In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, a new generation of jewellery is emerging that not only shines with beauty, but also with responsibility.

Our jewellery stands for the combination of style and responsibility, beauty and ethics. We believe that these values can go hand in hand and that jewellery can be more than just a shiny accessory - it can be a message that changes the world.

Sustainable jewellery made from recycled materials

Not all that glitters is gold: a lot of conventional costume jewellery, but also high-priced, supposedly luxury jewellery, is manufactured under unfair conditions for people and the environment. Impact of the jewellery industry: From toxic chemicals in the extraction of raw materials, exploitation of workers, violence, land theft and environmental pollution - the list is long.

Environmental impact of the jewellery

A shift towards transparency, sustainability, and responsibility, utilizing recycled and reclaimed materials, is imperative in the jewellery sector. That's why I don't do anonymous mass production, but produce individual pieces, work locally or regionally and responsibly reduce production quantities. Away from the "throwaway mentality" towards longevity, quality and timeless designs that last longer than just one season. That's why you'll find sustainable jewellery with me - minimalistically beautiful and suitable for every occasion.

Minimal approach

To achieve this, I work with small family businesses in Germany and India that share my commitment to responsible production and my passion for unique craftsmanship. My aim is to make the entire value chain as resource-friendly as possible.

For us, the ecological perspective also includes social commitment above all else - treating our business partners, employees and customers with respect and trust is therefore a matter of course for us. We are also committed to greater visibility and empowerment for women, including at the festivals, events and markets where I sell the products - in addition to the online shop. .

Recycled jewellery - No waste!

Make a statement, elevate your look and discover your personal style with recycled jewellery from Reblack. At Reblack, we love our jewellery - and we love taking responsibility to find more environmentally friendly solutions - both for you and for our shared planet.

Not only is recycled jewellery made with the environment in mind, but there are also many ways to find recycled jewellery in our range that perfectly suits your personal style - our strengths lie in Gothic Jewellery, as well as Kinky Jewellery and BDSM Jewellery. Are you into sparkling crystal, minimalist design or do you want to exude a lot of aura above all? Browse here and you'll find what you need.

Reblack's recycled jewellery is also reasonably priced, but we don't compromise on quality. Find your new favorite piece here!

A recycled silver gift for mother's day

Reblack's recycled necklaces send a strong signal! Not only can you enjoy the recycled materials, but you can also discover hundreds of unique and personalised styles. A necklace is a piece of jewellery that you can wear both as minimalist everyday jewellery and as a trendy finishing touch to your favourite outfits.

Reblack offers recycled jewellery in various lengths, material thicknesses, and boho details. 

Feminine and powerful recycled earrings

Show your personality with recycled earrings from Reblack. Reblack earrings come in all shapes and sizes, silver-plated or gold-plated, with creative details or feminine silhouettes - what's your style? Subtle stud earrings, chunky hoops, eye-catching chain earrings or customised curation looks, you'll find almost anything here.

Personalize: Completely Unique and elegant

Show your personality with recycled earrings from Reblack. Reblack earrings come in all shapes and sizes, silver-plated or gold-plated, with creative details or feminine silhouettes - what's your style? Gorgeous minimal stud earrings, chunky hoops, eye-catching chain earrings or customised curation looks, you'll find almost anything here.

You can put together your outfit exactly how you want it, and at Reblack you'll find many different types and styles to match your outfit.

Handmade and recycled rings from Reblack

Live the dream with recycled rings from Reblack! Our rings, crafted mainly from recycled and reclaimed materials, boast personal uniqueness. A stylish signet ring, a powerful statement ring, a classic retro ring with a vintage look, a delicate model with beautiful details or a handmade ring with many organically inspired shapes. There are many different styles to choose from.

Select a ring that reflects your personal style and expression, whether it's a boho piece or a minimalist design. The ring should be a symbol of the best things in life - friendship, love, family, nature, adventure, individuality - the choice is yours!

Recycled bracelets for your unique look

Feel unique with the recycled bracelets from Reblack. Remember that you are unique and your style should be just that. That's why Reblack's recycled bracelets are designed to reflect your unique look. Perhaps with a mix of bangle and cuff bracelets or a timeless highlight as a personalised addition to your everyday styles? 

Find your new recycled item from Reblack

At Reblack, we love personal, unique and expressive jewellery. We are inspired by the journey and adventures of life and all the things that characterise life - love, memories, dreams, nature and more. The possibilities are endless, so you can put together the look that perfectly suits your personality.

Delivery: Free Shipping

Once you've fallen in love with your new favourites online, you can have your recycled jewellery from Reblack delivered straight to your door. Free Shipping: If you buy for more than 99 euros, the shipping costs are waived - so why not add a pair of trendy recycled earrings, an expressive ring or a shimmering necklace to your shopping basket? 

For inquiries about Reblack's recycled and reclaimed jewellery, feel free to reach out to our customer service.

You can also visit us at one of the many marketplaces in many different parts of the country. You can find the markets and events here.