Maleficent Chocker Green Flower

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: A black choker necklace with multiple elongated spikes radiating outward is displayed on a white mannequin. Featuring a green gemstone pendant at the center, this AUTO-DRAFT choker stands out beautifully against the plain white background. @ Reblack Shop

The Maleficent Chokers are one of a Kind stunning peaces of Jewellery and also accessories! The Maleficent Choker with a simple flower and a simple green [ more...]

Black Daisy Earrings

by Malini 

Beautiful Black Daisy Earring are just the perfect step into the Spring. They are incredibly light, as they are made from only bicycle Tyretube. They are [ more...]

Fallen Angel XL Choker

by Malini 

Fallen Angel choker is just stunning. The Wings are so elegant and sit perfectly on the neck. The wings are 20cm long, just mesmerising! It is [ more...]