Black Daisy Earrings

by Malini 

Beautiful Black Daisy Earring are just the perfect step into the Spring. They are incredibly light, as they are made from only bicycle Tyretube. They are [ more...]

Waterfall with Brass Hexagon Earrings

by Malini 

Waterfall Beaded Earrings are just super elegant and pretty! They look amazing on blond, red, black or brown hair. The Beads make the earrings shiny and [ more...]

Mandala Rhombus Earrings

by Malini 

The beautiful Mandala design in the Rhombus, make these earrings stunning. The Brass Rhombus gives it a complete Look! It is uniquely Beautiful and Black. *upcycled [ more...]

Flower 3D Earrings

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: Close-up of a woman’s ear wearing an eco-friendly black floral earring with a gold center, set against her curly brown hair and part of a tattoo visible on her neck. @ Reblack Shop

Flowe in 3D is a beautiful geometric work of art, if by looking or wearing. It is uniquely Beautiful and Black. *upcycled *repurposed *vegan *waterproof *sustainable [ more...]

Waterfall Bead Earrings

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: A pair of Waterfall Earring Plain with small gold beads spaced evenly along their length, displayed against a white background, exemplifying eco-friendly jewelry principles. @ Reblack Shop

The Waterfall Bead Earrings are just made for the simple and beautiful. They are minimalistic and fashionable. Upcycling is the way of life. It is uniquely [ more...]