Carabiner Keychain

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*made in Berlin Germany


*easy finding keys

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The Carabiner keychain is just so practical. They look amazing because of the geometric design, so its also timeless.
The studs give it the right elegant bling.

  • Keychain
  • On the bag
  • On the handle of your Bike
  • On your Belt
  • On your Jeans
  • On your hand when you have lots to carry.
  • etc…… and many more ways …..

The super convenient part is also that you you throw it in your bag, or in your full pocket, you find them super fast and easy, because there is nothing else in your bag that is rubbery….so smart….

Check out the Dragon Carabiner as a beautiful add on.

Upcycling is the way of life.

It is uniquely Beautiful and Black.

*made in Berlin Germany


About 8-10cm Ø X 2-3cm, may be slightly different sizes.
*if you don’t see your measurements, please contact us for special orders.

Motorbike (Detlef Mechanic)
Brass Studs

  • Since they are repurposed and hand made, every piece is 100% unique.
  • Slight variations in texture and shades of black are common.

* To make them more shiny, simply use lip balm or some kind of wax or oil.
* Never use in Hot showers or Sauna, Rubber might get too soft after a while and break.

They are made of Tyre-tubes !
Make sure you’re not allergic to latex or Butyl. Butyl is a synthetic Kautchuk.
Click HERE for more info on how the tyres are made and their ingredients.

You can also follow me in Instagram @Reblack_Upcycled, so you can see my newest designs.

If you have a wish or an idea, please feel free to message and maybe we can make it come true


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Tyre and Tyre Tube