BerlinWinter Butterfly Choker

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: A BerlinWinter Butterfly Choker decorated with spikes and featuring a central black butterfly pendant, attached to a small dangling gold tag. This piece exemplifies eco-friendly jewelry, crafted with upcycled materials. @ Reblack Shop

This amazing BerlinWinter Butterfly Choker is stunning, and one of a kind. Inspired by the ice cold Berlin winters, I added spikes on top as well. [ more...]

Steps to Steps Neckless

by Malini 

This amazing Layered Necklace is stunning, and will make your evening a subject to  take about. Upcycling is the new way of life. It is uniquely [ more...]

Pollinating Flowers

by Malini 

Recyled Jewellery: A pair of eco-friendly, black, leaf-shaped Pollinating Flowers earrings with long, flowing ribbons attached, against a white background. @ Reblack Shop

The Pollinating Flower Earring are just stunning!!! They are a Unique pair. The Bees are made by a Japanese Silver Smith. They are sterling silver with [ more...]