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Binchotan water and air purifier

April 20, 2022 | Packaging

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Binchotan charcoal 


Binchotan Charcoal is a type of Activated Charcoal that has traditionally been produced for over 300 years by charcoal makers in the Kishu province of Wakayama in Japan. The name 'Binchotan' came from a famous charcoal artisan, Binchoya Chozaemon, who developed a secret Binchotan process that eventually became known in other parts of Japan. However, Kishu Binchotan remains the finest, densest and purest form and is still handmade through a technique passed down through generations to produce charcoal of extraordinary purity.

How is Binchotan made? 

Using extra hard Ubame Oak that grows in the forested hills of Kishu, branch clippings were carefully and sustainably collected before being stored inside large kilns built into the mountainside, burning at low temperatures over several weeks to control the oxygen flow. The temperature is then increased to over 1000 degrees and is monitored for the colour of the smoke. Once the smoke becomes clear, it means all impurities have been burnt away, making Binchotan Charcoal nearly 100% carbon.

Using it: 

💦Leave it in the water for least 8hours, the more the better. 

💦I leave it in water at night and then drink the water during the day. 

💦Use for UpTo 5months 

After life: 

💫 Put in the fridge and it will absorb smells.

💫 Break it to lil pieces and add it to the soil of your plants. They love the minerals. 

💫 Tie it with a string and hand it near your bed to purify the air.

 Cleaning it:

Before the first use: 
Boil water then add slowly the binchotan, take care not to splash hot water! Let it sit for 5min exactly then remove water, let it cool off and use. 

Do this every to weeks to refresh and clean the million tiny pores.

Also Used for grilling in 5 star restaurant, as it stays hot for a very long time and does not give out any odour

💧Enjoy the softer taste of water 💧

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