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One of a kind, Eco friendly

Reblack jewellery


Bicycle :100%

Motorbike :0%

Length: 20cm
With: 3cm

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These beautiful jewellery pieces do not only look pretty, but is sustainable and eco friendly. They make a statement regardless, if it’s the look or if it’s the conscious fashion style.


Speciality :

They are carefully hand made with love and are all one of a kind.

I do not make doubles, they will also never be the same, even if i copy them. There are hundreds of tyre types, also cutting them will always be different.

This way you always have a special, one of a kind, Reblack jewellery piece. .


Bicycle :100%

Motorbike :0%

Vegan and Waterproof, you can go swimming with them. Do not shower, as hot water, may make the rubber sticky.

The quality is high, as i use only sterling silver hooks. Even the golden ones are sterling silver with gold plating.

!Make sure you are not allergic to rubber and latex.!

Location found:

Secondhand Motorbike shop, Berlin

Eco conscious:

Eco fashion is super important now a days, as the fashion industry is one of the biggest pollution in the world.
About 300 million Tyres are thrown every year, only maybe 20 million might get recycled.One of the very few companies is Schwalbe, that recycles them.
The Little that is left over from my designs, is also brought to the company schwalbe, so that nothing gets wasted.

Be good to nature and nature will be good to you.

For any questions, remarks and desires, feel free to contact me.

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